Don’t Get Defeated by the

Corona Virus Lockdown!

Almost all businesses are suffering heavily due to the corona virus pandemic. With offices and shops shut down completely, entrepreneurs are having a hard time keeping their companies afloat. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Our app will not let corona virus lockdown stop your business.

The on demand service market is growing everyday because more and more people are shut down in the confines of their homes. This is where you can pitch in too! Our apps have been loaded with some of the best features to suit the demands of the current times, including ‘Service Ratings’, ‘Multi Source Hiring Option’, ‘Web Ordering Option’ and much more.

This could be your chance to make sure that your business thrives while ensuring that the people of your country can cope with the lockdown. Make sure that your app is available to your countrymen so that they can get every service that they need without leaving their homes.

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Business like TaskRabbit during Covid-19

Taskrabbit clone App latest features

Video Consulting
Service Bidding
Video Consulting
Service Bidding

Unique Features of the Taskrabbit Clone

We believe in offering you nothing but the best on a platter and hence we have brought some amazing features in our Taskrabbit Clone to make sure that your users get nothing but the best!

Here’s what we offer,
  • White Labelled Application
    White Labelled Application

    It’s your dream and your brainchild so it should remain yours and only yours! We understand the value of a dream and thus when you come to us with the idea of having your own Taskrabbit Clone we shall make sure that you get a fully qhite-labeled application with your brand name, logo as well as the language and currency of your choice.

  • Free 365 Days Bug Support
    Free 365 Days Bug Support

    Our Taskrabbit Clone App has been built in a way that it does not face any dysfunctions but god forbid, if you face any complications while using the Taskrabbit Clone, we shall make sure to offer you 365 days bug support absolutely free. After all, a little reassurance always helps!

  • On-Time Delivery
    On-Time Delivery

    We understand and respect the value of time. We especially value your dreams of starting your own business and thus we shall make sure that when you come to us with the dreams of having your own Tasrabbit Clone, we deliver it within the shortest available time of 3 to 4 days!

  • Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    Your app is responsive, so your customer can use this app in all platform including smart phone, tablet, PC, laptop, etc.

  • Pre-Integrated App Wallet
    Pre-Integrated App Wallet

    The app offers an excellent option for a pre-integrated wallet for payments. This enables users who do not wish to make payments via card or cash to make smooth and seamless payments through the in-built wallets.

  • Choice of Additional language
    Choice of Additional language

    To launch your own app like TaskRabbit anywhere in the world, We incorporate an additional language apart from English.

  • Choice of Additional Currency
    Choice of Additional Currency

    Launch your TaskRabbit clone in any country with the help of Localized Currency Integration that we provide you apart from the standard USD.

  • Maps

    Your app is enriched with the best navigation features of Google Maps to ensure that your service providers and customers enjoy a seamless experience.

  • God's Eye View
    God's Eye View

    As the admin of the TaskRabbit Clone, you will be able to track and monitor the position of all the users in need of your services live on the map.

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Who we are

One Stop Single solution for Multi Services App

The Taskrabbit Clone Script comes with a wide array of services that your customers can avail of for their day-to-day requirements, starting from babysitting, barber, beauty services, car repair to even carpenter and carpet repairer, to name a few. You name it, the solution has it all!

Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services
On-Demand Services

Why Choose Our Taskrabbit Clone App

You are the owner of the on demand service and thus why have partial ownership of the TaskRabbit Clone when you can get the full with the 100% Licensed TaskRabbit Clone Source Code?

We offer you a 100% Licensed TaskRabbit Clone Source Code absolutely free of cost in compliance with ethical app development methods to ensure that as the owner of this power-packed TaskRabbit Clone, in the near future depending on the changing needs of your business or your users, you can make the customizations independently without having to depend on us for it!

So avail this once in a lifetime opportunity today and be the sole owner of the powerful App now!

TaskRabbit Clone Script

Transport Yourself towards a Profitable Home Service Industry with this Video

Have a look at this video to transport yourself towards a journey of a successful home service industry and see how this solution has all the necessary attributes to help you in the same and how it operates on all the screens, customer, service provider and business owner.

Taskrabbit Clone App Package

The home service industry today is a profitable as well as flourishing industry and to stay in sync with changing times where humans operate their daily life through the medium of a mobile app, it becomes important for those wishing to write the script of a powerful industry with the help of a unique solution, we deliver the Taskrabbit Clone that shall help take your Home Service Industry towards new heights of glory altogether. Here’s what we provide to you in our Taskrabbit clone script package:-

    TaskRabbit Clone App Demo

    Have a Look at this Demo to get Amazed

    Take a quick drive through the Taskrabbit Clone with this live demo and see the functioning of the app on the service provider’s iOS and android device, user’s iOS and android device as well as the front end and admin panel and get ready to be amazed!

    app screenshots

    User App
    • User App
    • User Profile
    • user select services
    • Select category
    • Select service provider
    service provider app
    • Service provider app
    • Provider profile
    • Provider get online
    • Manage services
    • Provider manage work location

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    Technology Stack for Building Taskrabbit Clone Script

    We believe in delivering nothing but the best. Thus, when you purchase the Taskrabbit Clone Script from us, we make sure to utilize the latest technology stack to make sure that your solution delivers smooth services always and never crashes along the way and is successful in yielding the desired results.

    • Swift
    • ios
    • Java
    • Android
    • PHP
    • jQuery
    • MySQL
    • Bootstrap
    • Linux
    • Node
    • Socket Cluster